How Much Does a Pool Cost?

The first question many home owners considering adding a pool ask themselves is, “How much does a pool cost?”

We understand that the process of building or re-modeling a pool can be daunting, especially when you aren’t sure how it will affect you financially. Let’s talk about some factors affecting pool pricing.

The above picture from our 3D Design Studio shows an average-size pool coming in at 14′ x 28′. Our base price for this size pool with electric, tile and a 3 ft paver deck starts at around $26,000. A 6′ round add-on spa would be about $5,000.

Other Factors Affecting Pool Price

Size – The size of your pool is one of the biggest factors in how much it will cost. Obviously, the bigger the pool, the more materials and labor will be needed. On average, it will cost about $50 per square foot. Depth also plays a large factor.

Safety – Safety measures are important if you have small children. An enclosure will run about $7500 for a 14′ x 28′ pool. Some families also opt to add alarms to any doors that lead out to their pool.

Lighting – You can add either LED or fiber optic lights to your pool. LED lights are more popular because of lower installation and upkeep costs. Expect to pay between $500-1000 for simple lighting. You can also add colored or color-changing lights for added flair.

Heating – Living in Florida means that you can forego a heating system for your pool and still enjoy it almost year-round. However, if you do decide to install a heating system, you can choose between solar power, gas power, or a heat pump. Each will run about $2000 for set-up.

Decor and Accessories – When it comes to add-ons to your pool, the options are limitless. From decorative tile, to waterfalls and fountains, to fire pits, there are so many ways to make your pool stand out. Read more here!