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Petite Pools Can Transform Any Backyard

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Urban (sometimes even suburban) living can limit your space to sprawl. Concerned that your backyard is too small for an in-ground pool? Think again! Here are some undersized pools that offer up some oversized benefits!

1. Be Square

This geometric plunge pool and spa fit right in with the geometric planters and the strong lines of the wooden deck Though small on size, this modern space is big on style. This looks like the perfect place to entertain!

2. Free Flow

This small pool maximizes on limited space by wrapping around a corner in a […]

Top Trends for 2016

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The New Year is approaching fast, and the dipping temps already have us dreaming of Spring. To get ready for 2016, we’ve rounded up the most current trends you’ll be seeing in backyards in 2016.
1. Distinctive Shape

Our first trend of the new year has two contrasting styles. If you’re looking for a pool with a distinctive shape, you can go completely geometrical, like the rectangular pool in the picture on the right. Alternatively, you can get a little kooky with the shape of your pool! We’ve seen pools shaped like guitars (like […]

Things to Do in Your Backyard in Winter

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The idea of winter’s chilly temperatures might make you think only about heading indoors and saying “See you next year!” to backyard fun – but think again! We’ve rounded up a list of activities to do in your backyard, alone, as a couple, or as a family.
1. Stargaze 

The cool temperatures of a Florida winter at night are actually perfect for stargazing. The drop in humidity means clearer skies (and no mosquitoes!). Lay out some blankets and look up at the night sky. Feeling romantic? Cuddle up together in a sleeping bag in your backyard and […]

10 Reasons You Should Build Your Pool NOW


Daylight Savings Time is approaching fast, temperatures are dropping, and images of  of lemonade by the pool are being replaced by Pumpkin Spice Lattes by the fire. Spending a Saturday playing the pool is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, this is actually one of the reasons why autumn is the best season for pool building. Here are a few more:

1. Rain
Just like rain can spoil a day of splashing around in the pool, rain can also ruin a day of building your pool. Poor weather is one of the number one factors affecting […]