Spa and Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Why is pool leak detection so important?

Did you know that the average household leak can add $20 to your water bill every month?*

A small leak may not seem like a big deal, but it can have a substantial effect on your water bill. Ignoring leaks is also bad for the earth. Visit the Low Down on Leaks to learn more about how leaks effect you, your checkbook, and the environment.

Let our Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services Save You Money Now!

How we detect leaks

Our spa and swimming pool leak detection services use the latest technology to quickly pinpoint and analyze any leaks in your pool system. Our experts use top of the line sonar devices to listen to your pool – we can literally hear the water leaking out of your pool. Next, we will add a small amount of dye to the suspected area. Depending on how the dye acts, we can tell if there’s a leak and where.

Where do leaks occur?

Leaks can occur in a number of different places. From cracks in the shell of the pool, to broken pipes underground, to small leaks between pieces of equipment. The Pool Authority team has experience with small leaks, big leaks, common leaks, and uncommon leaks!

What’s next?

We will quickly and efficiently repair your leak. Minor leaks are often small holes that we will cover with a 2-part epoxy safe for underwater use. The the crack is larger, we will reinforce the affected with steel rods to preserve the integrity of your pool’s shell and apply the epoxy. Got a pipe leaking underground? We will break through the concrete in your pool, re-plumb the pipe or fitting, and then repair the concrete.

We make sure our repairs are perfect, both in looks and engineering. We have over twenty years of experience in the pool industry, so you can relax knowing your pool is in good hands.


Not sure if you have a leak?

Learn more about the signs of a leaking pool and an easy, at-home test to get more info. Of course, you can always contact us and we will help you find your answers right away!